Don’t Miss These Simple Open House Preparation Tips

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The internet is great for browsing homes for sale and figuring out what you want in a property, but there’s nothing like the real thing, is there? An open house gives you the chance to draw in potential home buyers who need that firsthand experience.


The main benefit of an open house is to give potential buyers an opportunity to see the home, as they are generally held on the weekend and marketed weeks ahead of time, allowing people to clear their schedules and plan to come.  An open house can get several buyers interested in your home and can even spur a bidding war.


Marketing Your Open House

You have to get the news about your open house out there. These days, there is so much more you can do than stick an “Open House” sign planted in the earth around the corner. Social media marketing gives you the ability to target people who are actively looking at homes in your area online. Your ads can contain photos and basic information that leads to your online listing and tempts people to visit your open house. Posting ads earlier in the week gives people time to see them and plan their visit, so make sure they are running at least the Monday before the event, if not earlier.


Improve Your Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is its first impression. The day of your open house, you need everything to look as lovely as possible to impress potential buyers. Unless you are quite proud of having a green thumb, consider hiring a landscaper to fine tune what your yard looks like. They can recommend removing certain plants or fixtures and adding others to help balance your yard’s overall aesthetic and work with its natural ecology. Ask about eco-friendly yard options-- green features can be a huge draw for millennial home buyers.


Box It Up

One thing you definitely want to do before your open house is clear out everything you don’t need and put it in an offsite storage facility. The less clutter you have around the house, the more spacious the property looks. You can’t store your things in the house, because you need to showcase the amount of storage space on top of what the floorplan has to offer. Start clearing out things you don’t want to take with you, and either donate or trash them. If you have extra furniture or personal items you don’t need but want to take with you, rent a storage space and have everything out of sight and out of mind a couple days before your open house. This gives you the opportunity to deep clean with everything out of the way. Remember: you want to remove things such as family photos, diplomas, and other personal artifacts. Depersonalizing your home and making it look more generic allows open house attendees to project their own ideas of what their life can be like in the house.


An open house gives people the opportunity to experience your home for themselves. When preparing for your open house, the secret to success is marketing to get people through the door. Curb appeal is your home’s first impression-- consider hiring a landscaper to update its look. Finally, help others see themselves living in the house by highlighting space and depersonalizing.


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