5 Sure Proofs Of A Good Mortgage Broker

Have you given up on ever owning your own home because of the excessive demands posed by most mortgage brokers? That’s because you haven’t encountered Highlands Mortgage-Delaware yet. Undoubtedly, some mortgage brokers could kill your dream of being a home-owner by the daunting process they pose.

That’s why before you go ahead to contact any mortgage broker, here are a couple of things you should know about what makes a mortgage broker your go-to resource.

Good Listeners

When you enter into any mortgage firm and the broker does all the talking and propositions to you without a consideration for what your financial status is or what your plans are, then that’s a really bad sign. How can a broker make recommendations to you when he hardly even knows what you are looking to achieve?

When you have a broker that is only concerned about selling—you really need to be wary; as they may not service your unique need.


When a broker is shady about disclosing information that should be accessible—then it’s a big question mark. You have a right to know what the total fee of contracting the firm is, and of any payments received by the lender—if this information isn't divulged then you have to reconsider. Ask also if your dealings and transactions made would be put in writing.

Information Update

You need to ascertain the mode of and frequency of communication with the broker you want to contract. This is very important as if you aren’t kept abreast of information, you could face strict penalty or injunctions. This is non-negotiable. If the mode of communication doesn’t seem clear to you, then they aren’t best for the deal.

Experts In The Trade

Before you contact a broker, be sure to know that the person knows her onions. There’s no point in committing your mortgage brokering process to a rookie. During your chat, you could ask for a rundown of the broker's experience and then you can ascertain if she is the best person for the job—you don’t need to be jittery about this; you aren’t being given free money!

Effective Communication

Sometimes, one way to spot a rookie is the excessive use of jargons—which they know you cannot comprehend. If your broker isn’t communicating at your level, you seriously have no business with her. Besides, if you don’t understand the trade jargon, call her attention to the fact that you are lost—if this persists, you should see it as a sign that when the transactions get more serious, you would be left out of the process.

Why Highlands Mortgage—Delaware? They are your friendly-neighborhood-mortgage-broker; serving you all the qualities above and more. Sometimes, some things are better experienced than imagined. Do you really crave to own your dream home? Then, you should be talking to Highlands Mortgage.


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