4 Things to Know About a Home Inspection

When searching for a new home in Delaware, a home inspection is a major part of the home buying process. However, some first time homebuyer’s might not understand the importance or purpose of the home inspections. Maybe you are a first time home buyer searching for a new home in Lewes, Delaware and you just don’t know what to expect from the home inspection? This article is for you. Read further to learn more about at least four things to know or expect from a home inspection.


Home Inspector’s Purpose

The purpose of a home inspection for your new home in Delaware is to verify that the home you are wishing to purchase is safe and ready for you to move in. The inspector will take approximately two to four hours to walk through the home and thoroughly inspect every inch of the home to insure it is in good condition. This could include the roof, attics, walls, floors, doors, windows, appliances, plumbing, electrical system, etc. The home inspector has a list of areas and features of the home that needs inspecting to verify that the home in in working order. They will also rule out any dangerous hazards that could go undetected, such as carbon monoxide or mold. The most important role the home inspector plays is to be a neutral party that can provide unbiased information regarding the home’s condition.


What to Expect From the Final Report

The final report that you receive from the home inspector regarding your new home in Lewes, Delaware should be both comprehensive and informative. The report will include pictures, checklists, and notes regarding all the areas of the home and the inspector’s findings on each area. The inspector will also include any need for repairs or any hazards he/she noticed. With the inspector’s help, you will know whether or not the home is in good enough condition to continue with your buying process, or if there are any repairs that need to be done. That way you can make a conscience decision as to whether or not the corrections needed are worth your time and money to correct, or if you need to move on to another home.


Your Role in the Home Inspection

Believe it or not, you also play a major role in the home inspection process. It is critical that you attend the home inspection in order to gain a better understanding of the home. Follow the inspector throughout the process and be sure to ask as many questions as you can. There are no questions that are too silly to have answered, and it is the inspector’s job to give you as much information as possible. Make a list beforehand to be sure all of your questions get answered and the inspector covers the areas you would like him/her to.


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