Should You Purchase New Homes in Delaware or a Previously Built One?

When it comes to buying homes for sale in Delaware, your main concern is most likely where the home is located and how much the price of the home is listed at. One other thing you need to be concerned with is whether the home is a new construction home or an older home that’s been there for a while. There are benefits to both buying new construction homes in Delaware and purchasing one that has been lived in. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re trying to decide what type of home will best fit your interest.

Is the Older Home Updated?

While you know the new home will have newer appliances in it, what about the older home you’re considering? Has it been updated recently? Older homes can have all the fresh amenities of a new home if the owners have previously updated them. On the downside, the components in the home can also be outdated or older and be in need of replacing soon after the home is bought. This is something you need to consider as well.

New Doesn’t Always Mean Great

The newer home you’re considering could also have cheaper fixtures and appliances as it was built as part of a “cookie-cutter” neighborhood. When builders are trying to sell lots of these homes and they are not pre-sold, they can tend to go on the less expensive, more generic side of fixtures, appliances, and décor.

Does Age Matter?

In some cases, yes it does. If the home is 50 years old or more and the roof is close to needing replacing and the appliances haven’t been taken care of, then you’re buying a home that is going to need a lot of repairs up front. However, if the home is 50 years old but the roof and other major components are less than 10 years old, then the home is not as old as you may think. It also depends on the maintenance of the homes for sale in Delaware as well.

New Homes

One benefit of a newer home is they tend to be larger than the older ones and most often in subdivisions with beautiful landscaping. Another benefit of new construction homes in Delaware is that the closets and bathrooms are much larger than in the normal older homes. If you’re looking for space in those two key areas, a newer home is probably better suited for your purchase.

There are many benefits to both older and new construction homes for sale in Delaware. Just remember if you go to purchase an older home, you want to know the history of repairs, upkeep and the age of the roof and HVAC system. That information can help you decide whether you want to pursue that home or move on to the next one.


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