How Writing a Letter Can Help You Buy the Home of Your Dreams

How Writing a Letter Can Help You Buy the Home of Your Dreams

Buying a home involves many tasks. From getting approved for a mortgage loan, searching for homes, finding a real estate agent, etc. the process can be overwhelming. And chances are you might have to make several offers before you are accepted. However, despite having the best mortgage company backing you at Highland Mortgage, you can attempt to increase your chances of being accepted as a buyer by writing a personal letter to the seller. Here is what you need to know.

Let them know why you want to buy their home

While you might not know why the seller’s home is on the market, it is probably a safe bet that they take pride in their home and have some degree of attachment to it. That is why it is important to let them know right away what it is you like about their home and why you want to buy it. Be sure to mention the details of the home that caught your eye and what features you specifically like about the home, such as the open kitchen or the hardwood floors. Talk about how beautifully they have kept the home and how you can envision your family there for years to come.

Make sure they know you are a viable buyer

While the letter can go a long way, the seller will still want to know that you are financially stable enough to purchase their home. You can provide this information in your letter by letting the seller know more about your occupation, credit score, etc. Knowing you have a reliable source of income will only make you look better to the seller.

Include some personal touches

You’ve told them how much you love their home and let them know that you are financially reliable, so now you can include some personal information about your family as well. Knowing more about your family and what it means to live in their home and neighborhood could go a long way. Also, if you noticed any similarities between the seller and yourself or family while you viewed their home, go ahead and include that as well. Maybe you noticed that you like the same sports team or share a hobby. Letting the seller know that you share some common ground might make them more apt to choose you as their buyer.

Keep it short and simple

While all of this might seem like a lot of information, you can pare it down to no longer than a couple of paragraphs and still get your point across. The seller is likely choosing between multiple offers and when there is already a great deal of paperwork to read through, they probably don’t want to read a two page letter. Keeping your letter short and to the point insures that it is read and taken into account by the buyer.

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