How the New Website Created by Zillow Can Help First Time Home Buyers

It’s no secret that first time home buyers might find it difficult to begin the home buying process. If you have never purchased a home before, there are many hoops to jump through, budgets and costs to consider, and tasks and other things to think about that you might not have been aware of when you made the decision that you wanted to purchase a home. The process can feel a bit overwhelming and difficult to get started. However, Zillow has created a new website and app that could tremendously help first time homebuyers feel more comfortable starting out in this overwhelming journey. will launch a new website called This website will be tailored specifically to first time home buyers in order to streamline and simplify the home buying process. will offer first time home buyers all they need to know about costs and home buying.

For starters, the website will allow first time home buyers to search for homes based on the monthly payment they would like to make and the amount of money they have to put down on the down payment. Once the first time home buyers find a home they are interested in, they will be directly connected with the real estate agent that is listing the home.

Perhaps the best feature that will offer for first time home buyers is the option of seeing what their total monthly costs and overall upfront costs will be. The website will consider the down payment and cost of the home the buyer is interested in and provides he/she with an amount they should be expecting to pay up front for closing costs, down payment, and other fees.

Then, still considering all these factors, will be able to provide the home buyer with an estimated monthly payment which includes all expected costs such as HOA fees, utilities, insurance, property taxes, principal and interest. This feature will allow the first time home buyer to determine if this particular home is within their budget or not, without the hassle of contacting the real estate agent or the bank and going through the whole process of elimination.

Zillow seems to have really outdone themselves with the website. This website has the potential to truly help first time home buyers to navigate the home buying process with more ease and feel more comfortable in the journey. In return, more people might be willing to make the leap into buying homes this easy to use navigation system guiding them along, which would be a great benefit to the housing market.

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